Thursday, 22 October 2009

A tip for stamping circle stamps

I don't often have a perfect aim when I'm stamping circle stamps onto circles and I've mucked up quite a few. Then I remembered my 'window' cut dies. The 1 1/2" diameter one is the perfect size for this Anniversary circle stamp. (and the birthday one in the post below). So I've made loads of them today. Just stamp and emboss them first, then use the cutter to get them perfectly centred before cutting them out. There's quite a selection of little number stamps coming along so we should be able to make cards for almost anyone's anniversary now.


  1. I shouldn't have come on here, just placed a little order, couldn't resist. Thanks

  2. This is a super tip thanks Nicky, I have to say where the stamps are clear I find them much easier to line up, it might also work with the spellbinders nestabilities cirles too. xx


Thank you!